• Isabel Roessler
  • 1. Januar 2015

Paper presented in track 5 at the EAIR 37th Annual Forum in Krems, Austria.
Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) need a variety of individual visions and missions for an attractive positioning in a changing society. For an individual HEI, it is necessary to focus on specific performance profiles within the missions of teaching, research, and Third Mission. With the latter, realms such as technology transfer, lifelong learning and science communication, can be used as such performance areas. In the talk, possible performance areas will be outlined, and it will be explained how an individual HEI can use different performance areas for positioning. The findings are based on qualitative and quantitative surveys among rectors and professors from German Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS).Autoren:
Roessler, Isabel; Duong, Sindy; Hachmeister, Cort-Denis: Using Various Missions for Positioning, Gütersloh, 2015


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