Langa, Patricio; Lugendo, Dorine; Needham, Seamus; Pausitz, Attila; Campbell, David; Nickel, Sigrun; Hudak, Raimund; Wagner, Georg: Report on Benchmarking of Institutional Frameworks and conditions for Establishing Dual Study Programmes , 2018, 62 Seiten

This benchmarking report is one result of LatFURE, a project between Afircian and European countries co-funded by the European Union. An initial outcome is a comprehensive overview of the different national policies in South Africa, Mozambique an the European partner countries that pertain dual learning. While dual learning is established within European partner countries, national policies in Mozambique and South Africa do not use this term and instead use "professional education"and "work integrated learning" respectively. A second outcome is an instutional report on the extend to which partner institutions are engaged in dual learning. Incentives and challenges faced with the implementation of dual learning are also discussed.


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