• Kenan Hanun
  • 1. Januar 2011

CHE-AP142: Mergers of „Fachbereiche“, „Fakultäten“ or similar institutions on the second organisational level of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are part of current German reforms in the HE sector. The ‚modernisation‘ of HEIs in Germany has up to now been significantly affected by the approach of New Public Management. Facing the apparently increased frequency of “Fachbereichsfusionen” one wonders why there is not a correspondingly high amount of literature examining this phenomenon and guiding through the difficult management process of a merger in HE context. The current paper firstly tries to provide an insight into the abundance of results arising from research carried out in the field of the so called “Mergers & Acquisitions” in the private sector. Secondly it aims to throw light on the hitherto shady circumstances of “Fachbereichsfusionen” in German HEIs and, primarily, attempts to provide orientation for those who will have to deal with mergers of faculties, departments or the like in practice, i.e. the management of mergers. The paper is based on relevant research literature and on a survey of leaders of German universities (including universities of applied sciences) carried out in Summer 2010. Finally, it got important impulses through a number of interviews with managers of “Fachbereichsfusionen” held at the end of 2010.
Behm, Britta; Voegelin, Ludwig: Von „Vision“ bis „Untergangszenario“. Fachbereichsfusionen zwischen 1998 und 2008: Kontexte, Ziele, Management., Gütersloh, CHE, 2011, 112 Seiten,
ISBN 978-3-941927-12-4,
ISSN 1862-7188


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