University and Student Funding

Study: Diversifying university funding

Higher education institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg had more money at their disposal over the last decade. Go to download

Interview: ``Higher education institutions are under enormous pressure``

The financial situation for many international universities is grim due to the impact of COVID-19. By comparison, higher education institutions in Germany are holding up quite well, summarised CHE Executive Director Frank Ziegele in an interview for the Frankfurter Rundschau

CHE Student Loan Test

KfW Student Loan: coronavirus crisis aid shown to have shortcomings in CHE Student Loan Test Go to download

Financing Higher Education in Germany and Europe: Performance-oriented Models of State Funding and Institutional Resource Allocation

This paper investigates the changes in public higher education funding models in Germany and Europe and illustrates the advantages of the currently prevailing approaches. The article is only available in Japanese language.



Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele
Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele

Executive Director
Ulrich Müller
Ulrich Müller Head of Policy Studies

Ulrich Müller

Head of Policy Studies