Today marks the start of the surveys for the CHE Ranking 2023/24. The new version of the ranking will cover around 4,000 degree programmes in the fields of business, law and social work.

The subjects assessed this year are Business Administration, Economics, Economic Sciences, Business Informatics, Industrial Engineering, Business Psychology, Business Law, Law and Social Work. Data is being collected on study programmes offered at universities, universities of applied sciences and cooperative state universities.

Over the next few weeks, the first step will be to identify which faculties and departments should be included in the survey, and the relevant contact persons. This “kick-off survey” is aimed at the university management or the ranking coordinators appointed by the management.

In July/August, the higher education institutions (HEIs) will be asked in a preliminary survey to state which degree programmes they wish to include in the ranking, together with student numbers and, where possible, the names of the academics involved. The purpose of the preliminary survey is to prepare for the surveys of departments, students and professors, and for the publication analysis. The survey of departments, involving the collection of detailed information on schools and departments, and the various degree programmes they offer, will then begin in September.

November will see the start of a survey of professors in all the subjects mentioned. During this survey, data will be collected on various topics related to learning and teaching.

When the winter semester 2022/23 begins, students on the Bachelor’s and Diplom programmes or on degree programmes leading to a state examination in the aforementioned subjects will receive a letter from their universities asking them to participate in the student survey. In addition, a separate survey of Master’s students will be conducted in the subjects of Business Administration, Economics, Economic Sciences, Business Informatics and Industrial Engineering from January 2023 onwards.

For more information on the various data surveys conducted in the context of the CHE Ranking, please refer to the website on the methodology of the CHE Ranking.

The CHE Ranking 2023/24 is expected to be published at and in the ZEIT Study Guide in early May 2023.