Foto: Pixabay / Dolf Maurer

The new Master’s ranking of the CHE Centre for Higher Education is now available free of charge online at ZEIT ONLINE, and excerpts are also published in the current issue of ZEIT CAMPUS. The subjects evaluated this year were Business Administration, Economics, Economic Sciences, Business Informatics, and Industrial Engineering.

The vast majority of the degree programmes assessed, both at universities and universities of applied sciences (UASs), are rated highly by Master’s students (4-5 stars). Depending on the subject, up to 15 different criteria – student opinions and facts – are considered in the new comparison of Master’s programmes. Besides assessing their overall study situation, students also evaluated the transition to Master’s level and the range of courses on offer. The rating is on a 5-star scale. In addition, there are facts on research performance such as “third-party funding per academic” and the number of “publications per professor”. For Business Administration at UASs and for Business Informatics and Industrial Engineering at all types of HEI, details are provided on the intensity of “contact to work environment”. The facts are classified into a top group, a middle group and a bottom group.

There are more than 10,000 Master’s programmes to choose from in Germany. The aim of CHE’s ranking of Master’s programmes is to help Bachelor’s graduates navigate through the vast array of Master’s programmes.

“More than 11,000 Master’s students from all over Germany took part in the survey. No one is a better judge of study conditions than the students themselves,” remarked Dr Nina Horstmann, who is responsible for surveying Master’s students for the CHE Ranking.

The latest issue of the student magazine ZEIT CAMPUS features a selection of results for the subject of Business Administration. The magazine, with a cover story on the 30 under-30s who are now changing our country, is available from bookshops and here from 21 November 2023.

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