Frau schaut das CHE Ranking auf dem Handy an CHE Hochschulranking

The latest results of the University Ranking conducted by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) were published today by DIE ZEIT in the 2020/21 edition of the ZEIT Studienführer (study guide) and on ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE. The subjects assessed this year were Business Administration, Economics, Economic Sciences, Business Informatics, Industrial Engineering, Business Law, Social Work, Law and, for the first time, Business Psychology.

Links to other disciplines have led to the establishment of new subjects alongside the traditional Business Administration and Economics degrees, involving a combination of business with law, psychology, computer science or engineering. At many higher education institutions (HEIs), these subjects feature a broad range of content and a strong practical emphasis. Universities of applied sciences (UAS) in particular often have very good links with professional practice. Many students are very satisfied with their overall study situation, and praise the range of courses offered. This is shown by the results of the CHE University Ranking 2020/21, published today.

The CHE University Ranking involves collecting information and facts about study, teaching and research at more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences under review, as well as surveying around 120,000 students to find out what they think about the conditions at their HEI.

Frank Ziegele, Executive Director of the CHE Centre for Higher Education: “This means that current students are given a say, and that would-be students gain first-hand information about what really awaits them at their chosen university.”

Martin Spiewak, Editor-in-Chief of the ZEIT Study Guide: “After completing school, the opportunities open to Abitur holders are endless. This multitude of options may cause uncertainty or overwhelm prospective students, who fear they may take a wrong turn. The aim of our study guide is to offer orientation to young people and to allay their fears.”

ZEIT Studienführer 2020/21 (study guide) with the CHE University Ranking

The complete CHE University Ranking is now also available on ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE at By applying numerous interactive search options, users can adapt the ranking to their individual study needs to find the right HEI.