Over the next few weeks, students on undergraduate degree programmes will again be asked to assess their study conditions. The subjects under assessment for the CHE Ranking 2023 are Business Administration, Economics, Economic Sciences, Business Informatics, Industrial Engineering, Business Psychology, Business Law, Law and Social Work.

Those being surveyed are students at universities, universities of applied sciences and cooperative state universities from the third semester up to the standard period of study plus two semesters.

Invitations to the survey will be sent directly to the students by their respective university. The students will be asked to assess important aspects pertaining to their studies such as study organisation, teacher support and support in studies. The questionnaire also includes a block of questions specifically on the use of elements of online teaching in higher education. The survey will run until 31 January 2023.

The results of the survey will be published in the ZEIT Study Guide and online at www.zeit.de/heystudium/ranking in early May 2023. “It is essential that a lot of students participate in the survey to ensure that sufficient opinions on each department are available for statistical analysis. Otherwise, the results of individual departments cannot be included in the CHE University Ranking, meaning that important information will be missing when prospective new students choose their university,” explained Dr Marc Hüsch, who is responsible for surveying students for the CHE University Ranking.

Detailed information about the student surveys can be found in the CHE Ranking methodology. Additional videos explaining the CHE Ranking are available here.