Foto: thelester / Pixabay

The surveys for the CHE Ranking 2022/23 are about to start. The new edition of the ranking includes around 3,700 degree programmes in engineering sciences as well as in linguistics and cultural studies.

The engineering sciences surveyed this year include Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental (Civil) Engineering, Electrical and Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Materials Engineering, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering / Applied Chemistry, Physical Technology, Energy Systems and Mechatronics. The data is collected from degree programmes offered at universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as at cooperative state universities and colleges of cooperative education.

The subjects of German Language and Literature, Romance Studies, Education Science and Psychology will be investigated from the area of Language and Cultural Studies at universities.

As part of a preliminary survey, the HEIs and colleges of cooperative education are currently being asked to specify which of their degree programmes are to be included in the ranking, together with the number of students and, where applicable, the names of the academics involved. The purpose of the preliminary survey is to prepare for the survey of departments and students, and for the publication analysis. The survey of departments starts in September; Bachelor’s students in the above subjects will then also be contacted by their HEIs and asked to take part in the student survey from the start of the winter semester.

The team determined in advance which faculties and departments were to be included, and whether the HEIs were also interested in participating in the international U-Multirank. This survey was aimed at university managers or ranking coordinators they had appointed.

The website on the methodology of the CHE Ranking also provides an overview of the different types of surveys used to obtain data within the CHE Ranking.

The CHE Ranking 2022/23 will be published at in early May 2022.