• Ulrich Müller
  • 1. Januar 2006

(The Introduction and Design of Tuition Fees in the German Higher Education System
- A CHEcklist for Higher Education Institutions.)

In the next few months, higher education institutions (HEIs) in several Länder (the sixteen German states) will face the challenge of giving shape to the introduction of tuition fees. Whether the advantages of tuition fees will come to bear will crucially depend on their concrete design. Only if HEIs make adequate use of the possibilities, the positive effects will outweigh the risks and negative effects like deterring students from disadvantaged social backgrounds and poor acceptance.
HEIs thus face a demanding and complex task. This CHEcklist explains the background, presents key ques-tions and lists examples of implementation. Special attention is paid to the way the design and use of tuition fees is embedded in the institution’s overall strategy, including marketing, steering and governance structures, and quality assurance.
HEIs can make use of the CHEcklist by selecting questions that matter for them and working along the structure of the list. Different strategies may be used for implementing tuition fee models. This CHEcklist intends to provide a basis for setting priorities.Autoren:
Ziegele, Frank; Langer, Markus F.; Müller, Ulrich: Die Einführung und Gestaltung von Studienbeiträgen - eine CHEckliste für Hochschulen. Arbeitspapier Nr. 73, Gütersloh, 2006


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