The latest results of the University Ranking conducted by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) were published today by DIE ZEIT in the ZEIT Study Guide 2021 and on ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE. The subjects assessed this year were Biochemistry, Biology / Bioscience, Chemistry, Geography, Geoscience, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Nursing Science, Pharmacy, Physics, Political Science, Sports Sciences and Dentistry.

The survey of around 120,000 students and the examination of more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS), as well as cooperative state universities and colleges of cooperative education make the ranking the most extensive and detailed comparison of higher education institutions (HEIs) in the German-speaking world.

“There are concerns that, after a year of emergency operations in schools, gaps in teaching will emerge due to the coronavirus pandemic. But higher education institutions will make sure that this year’s generation of school leavers will not be left alone. They offer their new students excellent support in many subjects at the start of their studies to ensure their academic success,” stated Frank Ziegele, Executive Director of the CHE Centre for Higher Education, explaining one of the many findings of the ranking.

The CHE University Ranking asks current students about their study conditions in general, as well as about specific criteria such as supervision, support in studies or for study abroad, courses offered, study organisation and examinations. They also assess job market preparation, research or practice orientation, rooms, the library and the IT infrastructure. In addition, CHE collects facts on teaching and research. Details about the methodology of the CHE University Ranking can be found at

The ZEIT Study Guide contains excerpts from the ranking, and provides answers to questions on entering higher education, finding the right place to study, and funding options. Martin Spiewak, Editor-in-Chief of the ZEIT Study Guide: “In addition to the ranking, a whole host of background information, tips and tests provided in the study guide help all those interested in embarking on a degree programme to make an informed choice.”

This is supplemented by the online service of ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE: interactive search options help prospective students find the right university from among the entire ranking. The CHE University Ranking is now also available at

Der ZEIT Studienführer 2021

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