• Kenan Hanun
  • 1. Januar 2011

The “Diversity as Opportunity” project is focused on the question of what actions
higher education institutions (HEIs) can take in order to reduce the drop-out rates
of their heterogeneous student bodies. The project concentrates on issues of
diversity that are relevant to study. CHE Consult has developed a new survey tool
for Germany – CHE QUEST. Using parameters from social research and psychology, the tool illustrates how students adapt differently to their study
conditions. The project involves eight partner HEIs that are also pursuing certain
key goals and strategies. These HEI are currently attempting to use the results of
the survey to institute new measures that aim to increase the probability of all
students completing their degrees successfully. In this context, change
management is of fundamental importance. Measures must help stakeholders of
an HEI to deal with study-relevant diversity and must also address prejudices and
assumptions based on experiences with students in general. This paper shows
how change management measures based on the results of QUEST might look.
The examples used refer to measures from the partner HEIs, which have either
been instituted or are being tested in pilot projects.Autoren:
Güttner, Andrea: Change Management und Diversität: Wie kommt
ein neues Bewusstsein in die Hochschule?, in: Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung (ZFHE), Jg.6/ Nr.3 , (2011), S. S. 28-37


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