• Function: Member of the Management Team, Head of Policy Studies
  • Department: CHE Centre for Higher Education
  • Phone: +49 5241 9761-56
  • E-Mail: Ulrich.Mueller@che.de
  • Assistance: Tanja Ologe

Key activities at the CHE

  • Boards of trustees
  • BAföG reform / CHE student loan test
  • Tuition fees
  • Student Services / Student Services Organisations
  • State higher education acts
  • Reform monitoring
  • Governance
  • Higher education management
  • Names of the HEIs
  • Privat Universities

Higher education

  • “Politikal Management & Public Affairs” at Quadriga University Berlin.
  • Educational Studies, Psychology and Sociology at Universität Bonn, completed with a thesis on “Roman Herzog’s impetus on education policy during his term as Federal President”

Professional experience

  • Assistant at the office of the Bund-Länder Commission for Educational Planning and Research Promotion (BLK) in Bonn.
  • Member of the Hochschulrat (Governing Board) of Giessen School of Theology (deputy chairman of the board since 2013).
  • Member of the Hochschulrat (Governing Board) of Theological College Ewersbach (deputy chairman since 2012)
  • Joined the CHE in 2002



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