Dr. Jutta Fedrowitz leads Continuing Education and Training at the CHE, particularly the following programmes and projects

  • Hochschulkurs – Advanced training for research management
  • “Leadership as a chance” – Competence development for academic vice presidents and prorectors
  • “International Deans’ Course” (since 2007) in cooperation with the DAAD, HRK and Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, as well as the HELM Ethiopia Programme (Higher Education Management and Leadership Programme, for GIZ, in cooperation with CHEPS and UAS Osnabrück)
  • The annual programme “Faculty Management”
  • The “CHE forums”

Higher education

  • Biology and Chemistry (state examination for levels I and II secondary schools), English and Philosophy at Bielefeld University
  • PhD in Biochemistry at Bielefeld University
  • Certified Trainer in professional Education and communication

Professional experience

  • Head of laboratory for biochemical basic research in a company of the food industry
  • Project Leader at the Science Center North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf, in the area of Natural Sciences, Technology and Culture (interdisciplinary congresses, workshops, publications, PR)
  • Joined the CHE in 1994, Project leader and Consultants at CHE Consult 2007 – 2009


Fedrowitz, Jutta


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