• Function: Head of International Projects
  • Department: CHE Centre for Higher Education
  • Phone: +49 5241 9761-30
  • E-Mail:
  • Assistance: Tanja Ologe

Key activities at the CHE

  • European Higher Education Sector Observatory (EHESO)
  • Evaluations
  • Performance indicators
  • Quality assurance
  • University ranking

Higher education

  • Sociology at Bielefeld University (Diplom)

Professional experience

  • Research assistant at the Institute for Population Research and Social Policy of Bielefeld University
  • Advisor at the Head Office of the German Council of Science and Humanities. Fields of activity: university planning, university medicine, evaluation of universities and non-university research institutions, development of the tertiary education sector, relationship between the higher education system and the labour market.
  • Joined the CHE in 2000



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