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News 21.01.2016
Understanding and shaping change processes in the context of digitisation

The sustained incorporation of digital educational offerings into the real world of higher education institutions can only be achieved by applying major change processes. In a new publication by the Higher Education Forum on Digitisation, an investigation is made into the organisational requirements and options for introducing digital learning into teaching and study. The publications also provides information about how to specifically shape appropriate change processes with success.mehr

News 18.01.2016
New publication reveals how teacher training is coordinated within German universities

Since 2000, HEIs have increasingly created dedicated coordination centres for teacher training. The fifth publication by Monitor Lehrerbildung, released today, provides an up-to-date overview of the resources and competencies these central structures have, as well as presenting real-life examples and possible developments.mehr

News 07.01.2016
An overview: Distribution of digital learning scenarios in higher education

The spectrum of digitisation activities in higher education ranges from recordings of lectures on the internet to educational software and virtual reality offerings. A publication by the Higher Education Forum on Digitisation provides an overview of the distribution and potential of digitised learning scenarios.mehr

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