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Mission statement
We promote a versatile scientific system that, amid changing conditions, offers optimal and differentiated development opportunities to everyone who wants to participate and benefit from it. In view of the unstoppable tendency of higher education being normality, CHE is particularly dedicated to ensuring that higher education institutions are in a position to cope with the growing student population as well as with the increasing diversity of their students. The focus is on three challenges:

Using and shaping autonomy

Higher education institutes should develop and maintain analytical and decision-making abilities on different levels as well as a capacity to act in order to be able to take advantage of their opportunities against national and international competitors. The basic conditions set by the government should be formulated accordingly to allow higher education institutes to act widely on their own responsibility.

Develop and implement divers profiles
The scientific system satisfies very different social tasks that are constantly changing. Higher education institutions face the challenge to take responsibility for particular aims and activities and to create and foster a unique identity through specific and differentiated profiles. The criteria for evaluating the performance and quality of higher education institutes should be heterogeneous as well as distinct.

Realising societal responsibility
Higher education institutes, ministries and parliaments should recognise societal demands in time and respond to them adequately. The various actors are hereby linked through their responsibility to identify public and individual interests, to constantly implement them in the higher education system in a continuous and flexible manner and to highlight successes.
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