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News of 10.04.2018

Twenty years of CHE University Ranking: Coordinators’ Advisory Committee meets in its anniversary year

More than 60 coordinators from the institutions of higher education that take part in the CHE University Ranking will gather today, on Tuesday, 10 April, at the Hotel Bielefelder Hof. Besides exchanging information and ideas about data collection issues and new aspects relating to the ranking, HEI coordinators can also look forward to an entertaining programme this year. After all, the 20th anniversary of the CHE University Ranking is to be used as an opportunity to thank them for their untiring support

For 20 years now, the CHE University Ranking has offered guidance to prospective students looking for their ideal option among the diverse range of study programmes. The ranking provides detailed information on more than 30 subjects taught at over 2,700 departments, as well as students evaluations: facts, opinions and descriptive information are provided to help would-be students find the best university for their chosen subject. This extensive, solid source of information for prospective students would not be available without the support of higher education institutions (HEIs). Each HEI’s coordinator is responsible for ensuring the collection of that institution’s data. This year, the meeting, held annually, is devoted to the anniversary of the ranking.

Petra Giebisch, Head of National Rankings, will take an amusing look behind the scenes of the ranking. Dr. Volker Busch, neurology specialist, will lecture on the topic of “Mind or gut instinct? Making the right choices in times of Big Data”.

CHE University Ranking: Images of the coordinator meeting in Bielefeld | Photos: Jürgen Volkmann

Each year, new data is collected for around one-third of subjects in the CHE University Ranking. Consequently, departments provide information about their research, teaching and general conditions, such as library opening hours, every three years. The survey of students is likewise initiated by the HEIs, whose Registration Offices send password emails to their students. As a result, HEIs have a great deal of extra work to do before a clear picture of their study conditions can be created, enabling them to participate in the ranking. In exchange for their assistance, members of participating HEIs (university management, deans, student representative committees, etc.) are given detailed evaluations, e.g. summarised, anonymised results of student surveys for their HEI and department, free of charge. This detailed information helps HEIs to identify areas where they need to improve.

Each HEI generally nominates a contact officer whom CHE can consult concerning data collection for the ranking. These central coordinators ensure that surveys within their HEI are coordinated with the department concerned. Once a year, CHE and the central coordinators attend a meeting where participants discuss recommendations for improvements to the survey, the operationalisation of questions and the procedure for collecting data.

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