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News of 18.12.2017

Human resources development at higher education institutions

What is the significance of human resources development for higher education institutions? And what role do university boards of trustees play in this context? The Update newsletter provides impetus from the field. The newsletter summarises the results of the University Board of Trustees Forum, which met in Berlin on 25 September 2017

Personnel decisions, whether appointments to professorships or nominations to the President’s Office, have a long-term effect on higher education institutions. Consequently, human resources development is an integral part of every university’s organisational development. The topic also touches directly on the work of university boards of trustees when it comes to development planning and the recruitment of management personnel.

In autumn 2017, the University Board of Trustees Forum (Forum Hochschulräte) gathered to shed light on the topic of “human resources development at higher education institutions” from various perspectives. The Update newsletter now brings together impetus from the field: Gunda Röstel, Commercial Director of Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH, member of the Supervisory Board of EnBW and Chair of the University Council of the Technische Universität Dresden, gave an enthusiastic talk in which she urged human resources development to be taken seriously as a management responsibility. Wilfried Müller, former President of the University of Bremen and Chair of the University of Kassel’s Board of Trustees, explained the training programme called “Führung als Chance” (Leadership as an opportunity), which is aimed at members of university executive boards. Tenure track and new methods of human resources development were presented by Manfred Nettekoven, Chancellor of RWTH Aachen. Using the example of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, Daniela Braun, the university’s Vice President for Academic Programmes and Diversity, highlighted the potential of diversity to promote human resources development at higher education institutions.

In addition, the newsletter contains a position paper by the University Board of Trustees Forum entitled “Wissenschaftsfreiheit durch Checks und Balances” (Academic freedom through checks and balances), which was published in September 2017. The paper, a response to the judgment of the Constitutional Court for the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg of 14 November 2016, calls for a contemporary interpretation of the freedom of research and teaching. In the position paper, boards of trustees at German higher education institutions call for the broader participation of university members in scientifically relevant decisions.

The current issue 02/17 of the Update newsletter is complemented by information on legal and personnel changes as well as new publications related to the topic of university boards of trustees.
About the University Board of Trustees Forum

The University Board of Trustees Forum is an initiative of Stifterverband and the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation in cooperation with the CHE Centre for Higher Education. The series of events is directed at all university board of trustees members from business, academia and society, offering them the possibility to exchange information and experience across institutions. Events take place twice a year. In addition to addressing the framework conditions and success factors of university board of trustees work, the events also explore current case studies and concrete challenges.

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