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CHE University Ranking 2015: up-to-date orientation for prospective students in the STEM subjects Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Geography, as well as Medicine
Students assess their study conditions in the latest CHE University Ranking, which will be published in the ZEIT Study Guide 2015/16 on 5 May 2015. One third of all subjects are re-evaluated each year. The subjects reassessed this year were Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Pharmacy, Political Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing Science, Geoscience, Geography and Sports Sciencesmore


24.04.2015 | Extended horizon as opposed to monoculture ‒ 10 Theses on Realigning the Excellence Initiative
The federal government and German states have agreed to continue the Excellence Initiative, but are still debating on how to flesh it out. As a contribution to the ongoing debate, the CHE Centre for Higher Education now presents its considerations in favour of a concept for reissuing the Excellence Initiative. The core element is extending the horizon of higher education excellence whilst retaining a strong degree of selectivity. more

15.04.2015 | Teacher training: inclusion far from being a matter of course
Inclusion is now a matter of concern to all teaching staff, whether primary teachers, graduate grammar school teachers or vocational teachers. In the debate on inclusive teacher training, Monitor Lehrerbildung now presents data for the first time. These figures show that nowhere near all students training to become teachers in Germany are being sufficiently prepared for working in an inclusive school system.more

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