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The CHE is a think tank for higher education. Based on international comparisons, we develop models for the modernisation of higher education systems and institutions. These models we define in close dialogue with decision makers from the higher education sector and politics. We undertake research on higher education and develop political scenarios. Our activities aim at the realisation and testing of new models in terms of steering and controlling as well as organisational models. On the basis of thus gained experience, we assist in further developing these models by carrying out pilot projects and by critically accompanying reform measures.

Industrial/technical subjects: serious shortage of new teachers in vocational education calls for a step change
Germany’s vocational schools are experiencing major problems attracting fully qualified teaching staff, particularly in the case of industrial/technical subjects. The number of students graduating from such Teacher Education degree programmes remains particularly low and is unlikely to meet the growing need for teachers in these subjects in the future. Education experts believe that this shortage of qualified teachers could put vocational education at risk in the medium term. In a publication issued by Monitor Lehrerbildung, the experts call for more attractive conditions and the expansion of opportunities for the recruitment of lateral entrants to teaching positions at vocational schools without compromising qualitymore


04.12.2017 | New CHE University Ranking of Master’s programmes in Business Administration, Economics, Business Computing and Economic Sciences
The latest online ranking, published today, reflects the opinions of students pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Business Computing, Economics and Economic Sciences. ZEIT Campus has published the results of a selection of criteria. Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences does especially well in the CHE University Ranking of Master’s programmes in Business Administration at universities of applied sciences. Göttingen University and Mannheim University do extremely well in the ranking of Business Administration programmes at universitiesmore

17.11.2017 | Growing significance of studying while in employment
In the future, both universities and universities of applied sciences will increasingly be required to respond to the growing need to combine study with employment. This is the conclusion reached by the closing expert round table of the CHE forum on “Design concepts for studying while in employment“ in Berlin. The event, which was full to capacity with 100 participants, demonstrated the fact that this development not only concerns academic continuing education, the sector in which most executive programmes are offered, but also conventional study programmes at Bachelor and Master’s levelmore

25.10.2017 | U-Multirank announces new funding partners: Philanthropic support for an open transparency tool in higher education
U-Multirank, the largest global university ranking, has announced today new funding partners for the 2018 and 2019 editions. The European Commission will continue to support U-Multirank with partial funding through its Erasmus+ Programme. Joining the new structure are the Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany and Santander Group in Spain.more

28.09.2017 | Part-time employment is commonplace, unlike part-time study
More than one third of the population in Germany do not work full-time. By contrast, the issue of part-time study has not yet become established. Officially, only 6.8 per cent of the student population study on a part-time basis. Only 12.8 per cent of all degree programmes are expressly open to students wishing to handle a reduced workload. These are the findings of an analysis conducted by the CHE Centre for Higher Education.more

Higher education institutions need strategies for the digital age
How can higher education institutions seize the opportunities presented by digitalization to enhance their institutional profile and mission? This question is addressed in an article by a group of authors from the CHE Centre for Higher Education. The article is included in an international edited volume entitled “Prospects and Future Tasks of Universities”, which was published on 23 August 2017. more
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