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News 13.03.2017
The closest higher education institution is no more than 59 kilometres away

The rapid growth in Germany’s student population has led to an increasing number of HEI institutions. An analysis conducted by the CHE Centre for Higher Education has revealed that the geographic coverage of academic education pretty much spans the entire country. The main reason for this high-density coverage is the establishment of new universities of applied science as well as satellite campuses of these institutions. mehr

News 08.03.2017
FRUIT: launch of new project to increase the percentage of women studying Computer Science

Around International Women’s Day (8 March), the CHE Centre for Higher Education launched a research project to investigate the circumstances related to women studying Computer Science. The project focuses on ways to increase the percentage of women in subjects related to the field of Computer Science. mehr

News 07.03.2017
Hochschulforum Digitalisierung: digital strategy consulting available for six universities

Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (German Forum for Higher Education in the Digital Age) continues its work and is now offering strategy consulting to universities. Until 2020, the Forum will support six universities each year in developing their own strategy for teaching and learning in the digital age, ensuring its alignment with the university’s individual goals. The aim of the new programme is to advance sustainable and strategic integration of digital teaching and learning in higher educationmehr

News 22.02.2017
Greater diversity on campus: five factors of success of private higher education institutions

Germany’s private higher education sector is thriving. The sector is particularly good at attracting new target groups among students. CHE has identified the factors behind this success. The result: the crucial factors are individual service and course provision, combined with course content that is highly relevant to graduates’ professional practice.mehr

News 17.02.2017
EU project launched on dual study programmes in Africa

The aim of the EU project, which kicked off with a two-day workshop at Austria’s Danube University Krems, is to promote the establishment and further development of dual study programmes in South Africa and Mozambique. Over the next three years, a 40-strong team with representatives from 16 European and African partner organisations will join forces to work on the project entitled “LaTFURE − Learning and Teaching Tools Fuelling University Relations with the Economy in Mozambique and South Africa”. The main objective is to reflect on and improve the institutional and governmental framework for bringing academic and vocational education closer together in the two African countries.mehr

News 13.01.2017
Charging fees for international students is the wrong route to take

Current draft legislation drawn up by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK) provides for the introduction of tuition fees for international students and for second degrees as of winter semester 2017/18. CHE has been requested by the MWK to comment on the draft legislationmehr

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