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The CHE is a think tank for higher education. Based on international comparisons, we develop models for the modernisation of higher education systems and institutions. These models we define in close dialogue with decision makers from the higher education sector and politics. We undertake research on higher education and develop political scenarios. Our activities aim at the realisation and testing of new models in terms of steering and controlling as well as organisational models. On the basis of thus gained experience, we assist in further developing these models by carrying out pilot projects and by critically accompanying reform measures.

All-day education: commonplace at school, but not yet entrenched in teacher training
For many teachers, working at an all-day school has already become a reality, resulting automatically in collaboration with other professional groups in education. When training to become a teacher, however, students learn only very little about the issue of all-day education, as a publication issued by Monitor Lehrerbildung has revealed. Experts call for future teachers to be prepared more effectively for the requirements of multiprofessional teamwork and all-day teaching whilst at university. more


09.06.2017 | CHE kurz + kompakt: new information format for prospective students
Tips, checklists and a brief six-page overview for prospective students: the CHE Centre for Higher Education now offers a new series of online publications on selected topics. The new series called CHE kurz + kompakt starts out with issues on student loans, part-time study, and the differences between universities and universities of applied sciences.more

21.04.2017 | Higher education funding in Latvia: how internal resource allocation and governance structures at higher education institutions respond to state reforms
By reforming the state funding model for higher education in 2014, Latvia has entered new territory. The intriguing question raised by the change in state resource allocation is whether HEIs will use the new model as an incentive to further develop their internal funding systems and governance structures. This issue was as the heart of a project with World Bank support, initiated in 2016, which involved CHE Executive Director Professor Dr. Frank Ziegele in the capacity of Senior Consultant more

07.04.2017 | Children whose parents did not attend university benefit in particular from study abroad stays
Whether students grow in self-confidence or improve their language skills: a stay abroad (study or internship) for university studies, enhances performance in many areas. Children whose parents did not attend university observe these effects in some areas even more strongly than their peers with a different educational background. These are the results of an analysis conducted by the CHE Centre for Higher Education.more

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