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Student loans: new possibilities for studying abroad
Almost 60,000 students conclude a student loan agreement every year in order to ensure they complete their study programmes despite financial shortages. Recently, there have been new possibilities for financing a study programme abroad. This is the result of the CHE Student Loan Test 2014. The test also illustrates how students can identify the best offer for themmore


05.08.2014 | European quality assurance systems: increased autonomy and a greater focus on results
CHE Consult and the Bertelsmann Foundation have investigated the development of quality assurance systems in the European higher education sector on behalf of the European Commission. The analysis, which is now available online, covers more than 53 studies on European quality assurance systems carried out between 2009 and 2013, notes developments within his period and pinpoints a few trends. (Photo: Osawa, source:")more

24.07.2014 | CHE investigates developments in tertiary level dual education and part-time study programmes
What characterises a good relationship between work and study? How can students on dual education and part-time programmes get the support they need? These questions are the focus of a new research project by the CHE Centre for Higher Education on behalf of the Hans B÷ckler Foundation.more

12.06.2014 | Expertise for developing QA systems in higher education institutions
In a new publication, the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) provides empirical findings and knowledge that can support HEIs in the development and continuous operation of quality assurance systems (QA systems).more

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