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MODERN Peer Learning Workshop "From strategy to quality: Internationalisation as an element of QA-systems in Higher Education Institutions


Quality Assurance (QA) and internationalisation are two main challenges universities are facing not only in the context of the Bologna Process but also with respect to the growing worldwide competition within the higher education sector. Assuring quality of teaching and learning on the one hand and of research on the other hand is not only the duty of each member of a university but requires above all significant steering and management activities on the institutional level.

QA-systems such as the EFQM-model (European Foundation for Quality Management) integrate the individual and the institutional QA-activities into a management system that could support higher education institutions in assuring the quality more systematically. The basis for each QA-system is an effective strategy. One important strategic field in universities is the internationalisation of teaching and learning as well as of research. In the peer learning workshop participants will learn with the aid of case studies how to apply QA-systems in higher education institutions, to build an effective internationalisation strategy and convert it in results of good quality.

Workshop concept and target groups

The peer learning workshop is open for 25 participants and offers the possibility for individual training and exchange. Main target groups are:

  • vice rectors and deans responsible for the internationalisation strategy or/and QA,
  • heads of international offices in higher education institutions who are interested in developing the quality of their area of work systematically and closely linked to university strategy,
  • quality managers of higher education institutions.

Participants will bring in their own expertise and learn from each other. The main focus will be on case studies which the participants should generate from their practice.

The MODERN peer learning workshop “From strategy to quality: Internationalisation as an element of QA-systems in Higher Education Institutions” is the second in a series of three seminars organised by the MODERN European Platform on Higher Education Modernisation. It is closely linked to an international conference “Assuring the quality of internationalisation” on 7 May 2010. Conference and peer learning seminar examine the issues of quality and internationalisation from different, but complementary perspectives. Participants registering for both events will receive a discount. For further information please consult the MODERN


The workshop will be moderated by Sigrun Nickel and Peter Mayer

Sigrun Nickel works as QA-expert at the CHE Centre for Higher Education Development (Germany). During the last decade she has supported several universities in implementing QA-systems as a consultant. She also works as a teacher for QA in study programmes and further education seminars.

Peter Mayer works as professor at the university of applied sciences of Osnabrück (Germany). He has been vice rector for internationalisation and currently teaches international higher education management. He is also a programme director of the International Deans Course, a further education training for deans from African and Asian universities.

Sigrun Nickel and Peter Mayer will be accompanied by Jaques Lanares, professor and vice rector of the university of Lausanne (Switzerland). He chairs the Quality Network for Swiss Higher Education institutions and works as a peer in the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) of the European University Association (EUA), which supports the participating higher education institutions in the continuing development of their strategic management and internal quality culture.

Since the workshop is designed as a peer learning event, participants will also bring in their own expertise and learn from each other. The main focus will be on case studies which the participants should generate from their practice.

Datum: 05. / 06.05.2010

Ort: Brasserie Harkema, Nes 67, NL-1012 KD Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS and NH Barbizon Palace, Prins Hendrikkade 59-72, Amsterdam


The workshop structure
Wednesday 05/05/2010
17:00-17:30Registration and coffee/tea reception
17:30-20:00Opening by Fiona Hunter, EAIE Immediate Past President and chair of the connecting conference „Assuring the quality of internationalisation“
Round of introduction, collection of topics to be discussed tomorrow(Nickel/Mayer)
Input 1: Quality as an international issue: findings and experiences from the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) (Lanares)
CHE_Vortrag_Presentation_Lanares... (pdf)mehr
20:00 Dinner
Thursday 06/05/2010
The peer learning process will be organized introducing methods like group discussions, case studies, plenary voting, gallery walk.
9:00-9:10Opening, welcome
9:10-10:30Input 2: Models and good practices for QA-systems in universities
CHE_Vortrag_Presentation_QAsyste... (pdf)mehr
10:30-11:30Coffee break
11:30-13:00Input 3: How to implement and control an effective internationalisation strategy in higher education institutions (Mayer)
CHE_Vortrag_Presentation_Mayer10... (pdf)mehr
14:00-16:30Working Groups: Assessing the quality of internationalisation on basis of case studies (facilitated by Lanares /Mayer/ Nickel)
Case “Internationalization and QA at University of Vlora”
CHE_Vortrag_Presentation_Case_Un... (pdf)mehr
Case "Internationalization - Strategic Development & Implementation", University of Vienna
CHE_Vortrag_Presentation_Case_Un... (pdf)mehr
16:30 End


Sigrun Nickel
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